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Close-up Magic

Micro-magie corporative

For your cocktail parties, banquets, conventions and other group activities, Étienne mingles with guests and performs entertaining tricks with cards , rings, currency bills, coins , etc

This animation is flexible and can reach your guests wherever they are.

Close-up magic is great to make people socialize, as they will talk about what they’ve just seen after Étienne leaves.Micro-magie

There is something particularly fascinating to be only 30 inches from the skilled hands of the magician and being unable to detect any secret. Étienne is a master of close-up magic and participated in countless events in Montreal, Quebec and several Canadian provinces.

Étienne can even develop customized tricks to celebrate your special occasions. Imagine, for example, your logo appearing on the chosen card!! Or tricks highlighting your company at a trade show !!

Your guests will be talking about this for a long time.

Close-up magic

To see Étienne in action, visit the video section!

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