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Interactive, Funny and Impressive Magic…


Étienne Vendette is one of the most talented magician-illusionists in Quebec who offers personalized magic performances that will:

  • surprise your guests
  • make them laugh
  • and make your events an unforgettable success!

Étienne is an impeccable choice for the entertainment of your conferences, symposiums, festivals, and celebrations, as he knows how to use his talent and humor to make you shine!

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Magician & Illusionist, Master of ceremonies.

Étienne has performed thousands of shows Europe and Asia, ein addition to participating in the series “Solstrom” produced by Cirque du Soleil.

Thanks to his expertise, he is the first choice for individuals and companies organizing corporate events, award ceremonies, conferences, private events, and weddings.

Do not hesitate to contact us to receive a proposal for your event.

Lévitation magique

“As for the intervention during dinner, it was unanimously agreed upon by everyone. Particularly, your freshness, sense of humor, and the quality of the acts are your distinctive marks.
Moreover, being able to switch from English to French with such dexterity charmed the audience. Thank you again!”

– Stéphanie Treinen-Agamennone, Communication Manager
Aerospace Division, Thales Canada

Some of Étienne’s clients

Types of performances:

Close-up Magic

Close-up Magic

Miracles presented right before your eyes.



Magical, funny, and spectacular performances.



A Master of ceremonies full of humor and magic!


"We used the services of Étienne Vendette during a cocktail dinner at the office. It was an absolute success.

Étienne was able to move around the floor and engage small groups of people throughout the time he was there.

People were skeptical at first, but quickly word spread that there was a magician on site and they had to see what he was doing.

People talked about it for several days after the event. His presence added an extra touch to the experience we wanted to offer during the evening.

We would do it again!"

Mélanie L‑Guérin​​
Senior Project Coordinator


"The animation that you presented ... to our employees during a dinner was a great success and we would like to express our warmest thanks to you.

We would also be delighted to be able to rely on your services again for another future event. The animation that you provided us was of great quality."

André Michel
Senior Advisor in Technologies, Government of Quebec
Microsoft Canada


“I wanted to thank you for your performance during our Conference for Air Canada’s Senior Managers, held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Our guests were very impressed by your talent and the way in which you were able to adapt certain acts to be relevant to Air Canada.  You are a very talented artist with a great stage presence and we will certainly be contacting you for future events.”

Lisa Holowach-Bell
Corporate Affairs
Air Canada


"All of our participants at the Desjardins Financial Security senior executives meeting... were delighted by your performance.

Your tricks impressed us, you made us laugh; in short, you met our needs, which were to change our minds and relax.

Furthermore, your ability to connect to your audience also contributed to the appreciation of your performance."

François Joly, CA, M.B.A.
Président et chef de l’exploitation
Desjardins Sécurité Financière


"I've only received good comments. Everyone was delighted.

The performance went well, fast and easy. Your approach with people managed to create smiles and a nice surprise.

I am confident that I will hear about it for a long time ????

Thank you again."


Chantal Tremblay
Human Resources Director – Canada
Nortek Air Solutions


"The participants at the cocktail greatly appreciated your performance. Surprise and disbelief could be seen on several faces!

We also appreciated your dynamism and your interpersonal skills."

Dominique Carle
Senior Advisor, Special Events
Business Development Bank of Canada


"I wanted to sincerely thank you, Étienne, for your valuable collaboration during the end-of-year celebration at Thales. The close-up performances during the cocktail were greatly appreciated by the guests, and the quality of the entertainment lived up to our expectations.

As for your intervention during dinner, it was unanimously agreed upon and approved by everyone. Particularly, your freshness, sense of humor, and the quality of your performances are your distinctive marks.

Moreover, being able to switch from English to French with such dexterity charmed the audience. Thank you again!

Stéphanie Treinen-Agamennone
Communication Manager, Aerospace
Thales Canada


“Just a few words to let you know how satisfied we were with your magical performance during our Holiday Party.

The feedback we have received has been full of praise for you, and everyone was charmed by your act. Your tricks, brilliantly executed, captivated the interest of the guests and demonstrated impeccable skill and professionalism.

Through your humor and quick thinking, you were able to lighten up the atmosphere and create a climate conducive to the success of the evening.
It is with great pleasure that I will recommend your services.


Hélène St-Pierre
Human Resources Advisor
Bose Canada Inc.


"I take a moment to thank you for the entertainment you provided us during the Christmas party of the Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory at the CHUL Research Center.

You brought a lot of energy to this evening that everyone enjoyed. The feedback we received shows that we made a wise choice in hiring your services.

We thank you for this pleasant evening and we highly recommend you without hesitation."

Fernand Labrie, O.C., O.Q., M.D., Ph.D.
Director of the CHUL Research Center (CHUQ)
Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory CHUL Research Center


"I take a few moments to express our great satisfaction with your performance at our holiday party.

The feedback is unanimous, you brought a lot of energy to the evening and everyone greatly enjoyed the close-up magic and the final show. Your magic tricks, infused with humor, impressed us. You made us laugh and managed to capture our attention from beginning to end.

We thank you for this enjoyable evening and we will not hesitate to contact you again for this type of event in the future."


Nicole Boulay
Director of Human Resources
Dufresne Group


"We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent performance you provided us with during our client event.

As you certainly know, it is imperative to make a wise choice during such an important meeting. We are delighted to have used your services as you brilliantly met our request. During your friendly performance, you combined magic and humor in a way that amazed the clients while making them laugh! I greatly appreciated your enthusiasm and openness, and your ability to tailor your performance to our specific needs.

Our event turned out to be a great success. Our clients left delighted"


Annie Anglehart
Marketing Director
CFOM 102,9


"You managed to entertain us even before the start of your show by performing tricks with the people already seated and your magic tricks, combined with a touch of humor, pleasantly amused our members.

What can we say about your show that captured the attention of everyone? By choosing people to assist you, it created an atmosphere of complicity that was conducive to relaxation and celebration!

We thank you for providing us with such great entertainment..."


Guylaine Lebeau
Promutuel Group
Federation of General Mutual Insurance Companies


"We would like to express our great satisfaction regarding the services you provided to us during the Caisse Recognition Gala at the Clarendon Hotel.

Thanks to your remarkable performance, the show was extraordinary and delivered in a humorous manner.

Your contribution to the success of our event was greatly appreciated by everyone. You not only met our expectations but exceeded them.

We sincerely thank you for your excellent service and will not hesitate to refer you in the future."


Carole Riel
Director, Asset Management
Desjardins Financial Services Cabinet

Promocentive Voyages Testimonial

"I would like to thank you for the excellence of your services during the Tarkett Canada evening at Château Mont Ste Anne.

Charming and mischievous, you illuminated our evening with your inventive “close-up magic”. You have mastered a precise art.

I have only received praise for you, you stood out for your originality and dexterity, it was a real success."


Sylvie Castéra
PromoCentive Voyages


"We would like to thank you for quickly responding to our request for the Walter event...

Once again, you greatly contributed to the success of the evening. Your performance was highly appreciated and undoubtedly one of the highlights of the dinner."


Julie Mougeot
Project Manager
Altitude Concepts


"Thank you for making this evening a remarkable event!

It was an excellent show that was a great success. The idea of showcasing the company during your performance was extraordinary!

Once again, thank you for this excellent evening!"


Patricia Pilon
Human Resources Agent
Les Immeubles E. Tassé